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Identifying Child Education Goals

When our little one first started kindergarten, I could tell that there were a few things we needed to do in order to help her out. She was really struggling socially, so I began carefully thinking about different ways that we could help her to be more successful. We began talking with her about different ways to improve her school experience, and one of the things that came up during these discussions was identifying educational goals that could help her. Within a few months, she was doing better, and we were so grateful. Read more about educational goals on this blog.



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Is Your Child Anxious To Learn New Things? Here's How To Help Them

Do you have what many people would call a Brainiac for a child? For instance, you might have gone into the family room to find your little one looking at an encyclopedia that featured dinosaurs only to find that he or she knew to look in the D encyclopedia to find his or her favorite animal. You might have been stunned at first when your child exhibited extreme intelligence. Now you are more than likely not surprised at all at the things your child does and at the rate that he or she desires to learn. From establishing learning in your home to enrolling your child in preschool, here are some ideas that might help you.

You Can Be Your Child's First Teacher - Obviously, you are already aware that you are your child's teacher as he or she goes through life. However, you might not have considered the capacity that you yourself have to increase learning in your child. For example, when your child is really young, help him or her to correlate numbers with items. You might play a game where you ask him or her to bring you a certain number of items that start with the Hard-C sound. He or she will more than likely bring you things like a cookie cutter, a cat picture, a cupcake and nine other objects that begin with the letter C. By playing games like this one, you will be strengthening your child's perception of numbers at the same time that he or she is learning the sounds different letters make, thus introducing your child to reading by himself or herself. 

Your Child Can Learn In A Preschool Setting - Have you considered placing your child in a bilingual preschool facility? For instance, you might choose a bilingual program that incorporates Spanish and English at the same time. At this type of school he or she will more than likely learn basic words that, linked together, will form sentences in Spanish. Besides learning a new language, your child will also be learning how to play with other children. He or she will learn classroom etiquette, too. For example, your child will more than likely be asked to raise his or her hand before speaking, and he or she will learn that children have to take turns to be first in line to get on the swings. Your child will probably have fun learning songs that are traditional to countries like Spain, Cuba, Mexico and countries in South America.