Identifying Child Education GoalsIdentifying Child Education Goals

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Identifying Child Education Goals

When our little one first started kindergarten, I could tell that there were a few things we needed to do in order to help her out. She was really struggling socially, so I began carefully thinking about different ways that we could help her to be more successful. We began talking with her about different ways to improve her school experience, and one of the things that came up during these discussions was identifying educational goals that could help her. Within a few months, she was doing better, and we were so grateful. Read more about educational goals on this blog.



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Kindergarten is important for children to develop social, emotional, and academic skills. A Montessori kindergarten class emphasizes independence, hands-on activities, and individualized attention. Kindergartners in a Montessori class learn how to follow directions, collaborate with others, and think creatively. They also develop fine motor skills and a love of learning. As a result, kindergarten Montessori classes provide a strong foundation for success in school and in life. Read ahead to discover ways your child can benefit from learning in a kindergarten Montessori class. Read More